Welcome to the official website of The Who Dey Chicks (WDC)!  Established in 2015 by founder & CEO Sonji Rogers.  WDC is an all female tailgating group based out of Cincinnati, Ohio supporting our favorite football team, the Cincinnati Bengals.  We tailgate all through football season during the Cincinnati Bengals home games in addition to private events of our own. There's women from all various ethnicities, backgrounds, occupations and experiences who gather together not just to tailgate but also celebrate.  Celebrate the unity of womanhood having fun and enjoying football.   So... are you a football fan?  Would you like to have fun, network and support the Cincinnati Bengals football team with a group of women dedicated to the team?  Are you tired of watching your man have all of the fun with his friends making you feel left out?  Do you need something to do and get out of the house?  If you answered yes to anything, then we need you!  Become a Who Dey Chick today! JOIN NOW

Tailgate Day with Who Dey Chic "DJ NewNu"




new members

WDC grows bigger each season from new members. Either from word of mouth, social media or a WDC spotted in our fabulous gear while she's out and about or attending a game.

current members

WDC has 100 active members and over 500 in our Facebook group.  Not every WDC can attend every tailgate or event, but thanks to social media we love on each other daily.


WDC is always open to receive physical or monetary donations to have a successful tailgate events.  No one person can do it alone because we value the quote "there's no I in team".