I enjoy being part of an all female group that loves football! Tailgating is part of the fun for me and WDC does it the best.  I would love to see more WDC ladies come out and participate, love to see it grow. The apparel is on point, reasonably priced and good quality. Add to it when feasible (hoodies, purse, etc). I thank Carol L. for introducing me to the coolest CEO out there. Thank you Sonji for all that you do. And Jonna too! 


Kellee P. (DJ newNU)

Being able to provide the soundtrack for WDC and having everyone enjoy themselves is a  BLESSING! 



Awesome, awesome group of ladies, a good time is had by all  Organized the food, the mix and mingle at tailgate is never a dull moment.  Always on point, and the pictures tell the story, also the WDC attire is on fiya!


Undretta H. 

I must say that I have enjoyed being a part of the WDC I have not had a chance to do much this year with the WDC but I have been there in sprit by following all the updates as to what’s going on.  I have also enjoyed doing the Cancer Walk and wrapping gifts. I love my appeal I represent WDC everywhere I travel and even get lots of comments on the appeal. I have met new people and I am very happy to be amongst an awesome group of women. Thank you Sonji Rogers for what you do to make this happen.


Wanda W.

I never been a sports person aside from my kids playing sports starting with t-ball and every sport a mother can imagine... I was there at every game and practice until my children graduated from high school.... I thought I could forget all about sports however, Sonji came back to Cincinnati and I really wanted her to feel at home I do like my Fran very much... I joined WDC, I talked with Songi and discussed I don't know anything about football but I can be cute and cheer along, Sonji said do that.  


Shiekqulia T. 

A very positive, beautiful and awesome group of women. No drama, no judging love the group and also love the WDC apparel. Love meeting new people and it’s always a great atmosphere. Thanks for the invite to the group. 



All of the apparel has been comfortable and true to size, not to mention cute!!!!!! And the tailgating experience is amazing!!! The energy of all the women together is so dope! It's good to see women come together for a positive reason and it's sports related, gotta love women that love sports! Also Sonji Rogers your loyalty and dedication to the Bengals and the love of the sport and to WDC having a great time is amazing!!!! 



I have to say, I enjoy being around a group of women that love to kick it as much as I do and look cute while doing it.  I thoroughly enjoy the Sunday morning festivities and shenanigans where we all eat, drink, dance and be merry. The DJ is always on point and it's always a great time. Thanks Sonji for letting me be a part of WDC.


Who Dey Chick profile photos courtesy of Facebook